Selbstklebende Manuka Wundauflagen 6 Stück (7,6cm x 10,2 cm)


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Manuka Wundpflaster für großflächige Wunden

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Adhesive Dressings

Adhesive dressings infused with the highest quality medical grade Manuka honey, harvested from our own bees in New Zealand, to help promote faster, better healing while providing infection protection in one convenient, mess-free step.

  • Layer of Manuka honey effectively saturates wound for faster, better healing     
  • Creates a moist, low pH environment, which supports new tissue formation and assists wound healing
  • Provides long-lasting infection protection
  • Skin-friendly adhesive - pain free application and removal
  • Easy-to-use, non-toxic, natural and 100% safe

From Hive to Healing™

In the small town of Masterton, New Zealand, beekeeper, nature lover, and scientist, Denis Watson and his son Daniel, have dedicated themselves to providing the highest quality honey harvested from the powerful nectar of the native Manuka flower. Through research and innovation their global team of chemists have uncovered the unique nourishing benefits found within Manuka honey. From these discoveries First Honey® was born. Created for the moments in everyday life when you need safe and effective care for the ones you love.

What does Medical Grade 12+ mean?

Manuka honey contains the presence of Methylglyoxal giving it the potent properties to mend and nourish our skin. The 12+ rating is a measurement of the natural chemical characteristics within Manuka honey, which assures its purity and efficacy. First Honey® tests every batch of Manuka honey to ensure it meets our strict criteria for Medical Grade usage, free of any contaminants or irritants. More information can be found at


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